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install whatsapp new version

WhatsApp is a messenger that is currently seen on every android and ios platform mobile. WhatsApp Application was created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Later, he left the job of Yahoo and then put his startup behind. Faced with an economic situation, he applied for a job on Facebook, then brought new features to WhatsApp with Facebook.

Whatsapp 1.0 launched in 2009 Install WhatsApp New Version

Jan Koum bought the iPhone in January 2009 and soon realized the potential of the app industry in the store. He wanted to create an application that should be shown next to a personal username. Kom discussed the idea with On Cotton, and they both met Alex Fishman for more information. But without the help of an iOS developer, the idea was impossible. So Alex introduced him to Russian developer Igor Solomonikov, which he found on RentCoder.com.

This journey was not easy to start, but like other successful entrepreneurs, it did. On February 24, 2009, KOM successfully developed the iOS app. WhatsApp Inc. Launched in California

He called it “WhatsApp” because it was consistent with the idea of ​​states.

She showed WhatsApp to some friends, including Ryabakov, but neither of them liked it. Also, problems like low battery, application failure, etc. Koum got so frustrated that she lost all hope and started looking for a new job. Acton then encouraged:

Push Notification App

On June 5, Apple released a push notification update. The theme of this update was to remind users when they were not using installed applications. Eoin took advantage of this update and made some changes to WhatsApp, which sent push notifications to friends whenever a user or friends changed their status in the app.

Fishman’s Russian friends found it fun to update his address and to each of his friends, “everyone’s late” or “I’m not talking, I’m in the gym.”

Soon, the feature quickly became a communication channel, and users began interacting with each other through the states, as if someone wrote: “What happened, Karen?” And Karen will respond by changing her posting.

Ian noticed this random opportunity in his apartment building in Santa Clara. He soon realized that the application of the status application operating model needed to be upgraded for instant messaging over the Internet. Therefore version 2.0 was created. and install WhatsApp new version

WhatsApp 3.0

WhatsApp 2.0.3 was launched in beta soon after the demand for instant messaging was met.

Users highly favored the crash condition with the dual verification function of the received message, as was the competition for BlackBerry such as BBM BlackBerry, giving you a unique identifier to interact with others in Google G-Talk and Skype Does. Standard Chat Lounge Vet WhatsApp has become a highly available application, which can be used in 250,000 applications.

The same version was uploaded to the App Store on September 27, 2009. It could only be SMS or text

Whatsapp Today

In a world where demand and popularity for applications are never constant, Brian Acton and Jan Koum can place their proposal at the top of WhatsApp history; Thank you for their advertising policy. Instead of focusing on money, they put user interest first, interrupting constant interaction with ads, which is the most important today.

Today over 1.5 billion people in 180 countries use WhatsApp. The platform has already adopted SMS, MMS, and other obsolete functions previously used by the target market to interact with each other. And from Facebook’s perspective, even with the inclusion of companies, this action by mobile operators may be completely useless.

Zuckerberg has left no stone unturned to take WhatsApp to the next level in the business market. The company also introduced a computer version of the application (WhatsApp Web) to facilitate its use on PC or Mac.

Let us see how it ends.

Install WhatsApp New Version

To install WhatsApp, Andriod and ios platform is the same method, go to their app store and find WhatsApp and click on the given download option, see further process downloaded

Whatsapp size is different for AndroidAndroid and ios, then install it after seeing it.

Install WhatsApp New Version Google Play Store

Install Whatsapp

1. Go to the Website app or play store on your Andriod or Ios mobile. Type “Whatsapp” in the search bar. It will launch the WhatsApp Messenger app, which you can download for free.

install whatsapp new version

2. Click install, and then grant the required permissions to run WhatsApp. This will automatically start the boot process. Please note that depending on the connection used to download the application, an additional payment may be required for the data.

install whatsapp new version

3. When the downloading is complete, click the button “Open” to the app.

install whatsapp new version

You. You will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use. Accept this to proceed to the next step.

install whatsapp new version

Now. Now you need to verify or confirm your phone number. Enter your mobile number and click “Next.” You will be asked to confirm that you want to see this number, so if you make some mistakes, you can go back and correct them. You will then receive a message with a 6-digit confirmation code. WhatsApp should automatically detect and confirm your number, but if not, enter the code you sent.  

install whatsapp new version

In the end. Finally, enter the name you want to use in your profile. You can add photos by clicking on the camera icon and downloading the photo from your phone.

install whatsapp new version

7. That’s it! WhatsApp is installed, and you can start setup now. It would be best if you invited any contact you want to connect, and then you can start sending and receiving messages. You can set up a group chat option to chat with multiple people and post photos at the same time. You can backup your message in the cloud and don’t want to see any conversations in the chat conversation list. You can set your notifications and change your privacy settings to control who can see what. You can learn all this by reading our simple guide on using WhatsApp.

install whatsapp new version

Now you know how to find and installing WhatsApp new version on iPhone and Android. You can go through the registration step process so that WhatsApp Application is ready to use and configure.

After install WhatsApp new version, you can give yourself more opportunities to chat with friends and family. You can set up an email provider account on your mobile to use FaceTime to connect to email messages or to use all the features of your smartphone.

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