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Know About Google Tangi Short -Form Video App

Google is such a company that is the most out of the world in technology, and no company can stand ahead of it. The entire Google search engine works on its instructions. It has launched its application named Tangi which will compete with TikTok. Gives IDs to the user of making a video, then know about it

Google is happy for the User, and Google has also brought the facility of mobile recharge in addition to the prepaid user search, these new features are for the android user. They can also compare prepaid plans, recharge any other number with the help of it. Huh. Facility. This feature includes plans from Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Jio, BSNL, to use this feature a user has to type prepaid recharge, sim recharge in Google search which will have a mobile number, operator and circle if synonymous. Go, and Google will choose the plans. When the mobile recharge is done through its given plan, the User will show the operator, and then you will also see the validity offer.

Today, apps like Freecharge, Mobikwik, Google Play and Paytm are on the list, and when it comes to transactions after the user completes the transaction, the provider confirmation page will be sent from the bank to Google
By clicking on it, the User can come to the search page again, on the confirmation page, the User also gets customer support, through which the User can solve the problem in a transaction with customer care.

Besides, Google has launched two new apps called Tangi or tangi.
Due to this, Tiktok has found a competitor, because due to this app, small producers can upload their videos, and any user can create and upload videos to this video. The app is viral, through the video, you can share it with your friends, very soon you will be able to download this app on this website and Google Play Store.

When the app is launched for Android user, it is not officially known yet. The user interface of the Tangi app is slightly similar to Instagram and Pinterest, with a search box where you can search for specific keywords. In addition to the video, you can create and upload videos for seconds, commenting on the video is also provided, while the User can download the video for the same. Creating an account on one leg

The way Tiktok has gained popularity among people is that the app has not become so popular, so in the coming times, whether or not Google hangs and does not know if Titok will compete, it is about the speciality of TikTok I have 60 seconds to talk. You can also upload videos and are given the option to comment when the User creates an account in TikTok, and the User knows the video of anyone, as long as the user keeps their account private if anyone follows it, He can chat.

All these options are given in Google tangi, while the launch of tangi app is very famous, more users will use it when this app is launched, then the famous manufacturer of TikTok will be given a verified tag which is more popular video. The uploaded and verified badge shows how famous the manufacturer is if such a verified tag will be seen in Google’s tangi. To get verified badges, the manufacturer must develop a lot of likes and followers. Only then does the User get the popular manufacturer’s tag
TikTok has formed a company in Bytedance, a Beijing-based company that provides a platform for users to share videos through a massive social platform.

Google tangi is an app made by Google company in which short videos can be made to show the creativity of the User, it will soon come on iOS and Android, in addition, you are given options for crafting, painting, cooking, fashion, beauty Are Gone, DIY Tangi founder Coco Mao said that you would see related videos of the category that you like. In this app, we will focus solely on DIY. The idea to create the Coco app came up in Shanghai when his parents were watching videos of some paintings on mobile, when he got a challenge from them, as his mother was also a producer, he was sad for the painting, Tangi through Invented. And made hangings

Google Tangi Andriod coming soon…..

IOS Tangi

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