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Today we will look at the Free SEO Chrome Extension which is very useful in website rankings, and it is essential to stay on top of the top ranking using the Free SEO tool and decide if there is a free tool that can be done with the help of Chrome Extensions. Who can give a visit to a website by inserting his website URL and any extension there you have to add? You will see free tools like keywords, rankings, visitors, backlinks, etc. using the same Extension as search engine optimization.

Page Analytics (by Google)

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Page analytics is a Chrome extension that is used by most, just old and new websites. This Extension lets you track the visitors coming to the website, and you can see which IP version of traffic coming from Analytics. This Google Analytics tool can be viewed by the calendar. Will be looking to change that with the experience of visitors to the website will be like
Avg time on page
Unique Pageviews,
 Bounce Rate,
Number of active visitors, in real-time
In-page click analysis
All you have to do is add the Google Analytics code to your website and if you can use this Extension, then, of course, try the free Google Analytics extension.


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Using SEOquake is a popular Chrome extension; you can audit the website and see precisely what your website ranking is and rank it on Google, Semrush, Alexa. And you can see how many backlinks to the website, i.e. dofollow, nofollow
Broken links to the website can be checked as well as DA PA can be monitored precisely try this free SEO extension

I ‘m a Gentleman

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I’m a Gentleman is a Chrome extension that is very easy to use and has many features so this tool is handy as you can download any image on the website by drag and drop so that the image does not need to be saved. But it won’t go away.

Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

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Because of this Chrome extension, you have a lot of access to the website because this Extension is trendy and useful. If you want to do a screen recording, upload a website, this tool is handy. If you’re going to put a demo of the website, you can record the screen on your website To create a Google email, and the tool is to restart the browser tab, desktop, and webcam screen record and it can be done for up to 5 minutes.

Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

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Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google) is a Google Chrome extension that is very popular and lets you see how to use it if you are watching YouTube or any video platform Varun tutorial and make changes to your website. You can watch videos by drag and drop and do two things at the same time so that you can use this Google Chrome extension.

In this post, we have seen the free SEO Chrome extension, which will come in handy on the website and on which side you can use these extensions anywhere, and by using this tool, in the next post, we will know about the AWS Certification.

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