Most Expensive Data Science salary 2020

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data science salary

According to Glassdoor, Report the average salary of a data scientist is $ 39,343. The driving force behind high salaries related to data science salary is that organizations are aware of the power of large data sets and want to use them to make smartphone decisions. And since the supply of data specialists is still not meeting demand, the starting salary for these positions is high ($ 50,000 to $ 95,000), especially for those with high degrees in data or related fields.

data science salary

How Can You Make As a Data Scientist Professional?

It is no secret that spreadsheet data can be a significant benefit for researchers. However, finding a person who does all the work necessary for a scientist is a problem, and the competition to hire these experts is intense. As a result, employers are prepared to pay the most money to talented scientists.

The salary of Data science depends on many factors:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Job title
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Region

 Data Science Pays According To Experience.

According to Oracle Data Science Salary Research, the experience is the most critical factor in a researcher’s salary. Data analysts average $ 2,000 and $2500 per year for each year’s experience.
A Birch Works 2018 study on wages in data analysis revealed the latest trends based on experience:

Basic pay of scientists. According to one figure, the average starting salary for scientists remains high, at $ 9500, despite the recent rush of experts.
Middle-level scientific salary. The average salary of an average scientist is $ 128,750. If this data researcher also plays a managerial role, the average wage increase would increase to 185,000.

Salary of experienced data scientists. Statistically, the average salary of experienced professionals is the US $ 165,000, while the average salary of experienced professionals is higher at the managerial level and is the US $ 250,000.

Data Scientist Salary By Job Position

Data Scientist

According to, people called “data scientists” often have data-level experience in data-based organizations.

Salary Range: $ 85,000–170,000

Data Science Analyst

Data analysts work directly with data and typically meet at specific points in their careers when they focus on building tools and skills to teach data.

Base salary: $ 50,000 – $ 75,000

Experienced salary: US $ 65,000–110,000

Data Science Manager/Analysis

These specialists have one to three direct reports, excellent technical and quantitative skills, as well as strong leadership and professional skills.

Salary range: 90,000-140,000 US Dollars

Big Data Engineer

Engineers can solve problems and add value to the business by creating platforms and applications used by data analysts to analyze data.

Youth / General Salary: $ 70,000 – $ 115,000

Expert Fee: 100,000 – 165,000 US Dollars

Salaries For Researchers Of Industry And Company Size

Industries with the highest average wages in data analysis:

Cloud Services, Hosting and CDN

Search and social network

Banking & Finance

It should be noted that only 12 percent of data analysts surveyed by O’Reilly in 2016 worked in these three industries. About 30 percent worked in the field of consulting or software (SAAS, Internet, and mobile devices).

Data Science salary

Source: O’Reilly Data Science Compensation Report 2016

Perhaps, as expected, some of the highest-paid scientists work for leading technology companies. These are average earnings in many public organizations:

  • Google: $ 152,856
  • Apple: $ 145,974
  • Twitter: $ 135,360
  • Facebook: $ 134,715
  • PayPal: $ 132,909
  • Airbnb: $ 127,852
  • Microsoft: $ 123,328

For the size of the company, the larger the organization, the higher the salary. i.e, in a company with at least 10,000 employees, a data specialist is likely to receive more income than a single role in a company with fewer than 1,000 employee

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