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Wordpress Caching

Are you looking for free WordPress caching plugins to increase website speed? Today we will see some plugins that will improve website speed. A website is a URL to be executed on a server that is full of data to be accessed from all over the world. Therefore, the Website takes a lot of loads, some such plugins do the work of caching and the speed of the website increases, so know that some such plugins about

In this post I will tell you about the top powerful plugin which will help in increasing your website speed and some features will also be found such as caching plugins, minifying plugins, lazy loading plugins, and some additional plugins due to which traffic due to slow Website, The customer, and the subscriber also stop coming.

Best WordPress Caching And Speed-Up Plugin For Website

WP Rocket

wordpress caching

WP Rocket is a powerful plugin that is used in the WordPress website nowadays due to which the speed of the Website is improved. In contrast, this plugin is available for free, and in premium, it is the best plugin about caching and in terms of the user interface to be seen. It is good to talk about its features, lazy loading image, database optimization, CSS HTML, javascript, minify features are available.

  • Cache preload
  • CDN integration operation
  • Direct Cloudflare integration operation
  • Google Analytics operation integration to load the code from your server
  • Settings import and export data
  • Version rollback features
  • User-friendly interface for the user
  • Minimal tweaking required for speed improvements
  • Minify CSS, HTML and Javascript code
  • Page caching tools
  • Image lazy loading tools
  • Advanced caching rules option
  • Database optimization tools


wordpress caching

Talking about plugins that increase the speed of the Website, the name of perfmatters plugin comes, which is different and full of features. See it works on some websites on the default feature available in WordPress. Still, perfmatters enable and disable these options. If you talk about the speed of the Website through some buttons, it does not depend on HTTP and HTTPS. Due to this plugin, you compress the slowing code when needed. The programming you DNS prefetch in this plugin, Google Analytics, and available features such minify scripts

  • Disable scripts on per page/post basis
  • Works with your existing WordPress caching plugin operation
  • Disable the WordPress options that are slowing your Website down from the server
  • Supports advanced performance-boosting functionality such as features
  • Heartbeat control tools
  • Lightweight plugin for the WordPress
  • DNS prefetch and preconnect tools
  • REST API control operation

WP Fastest Cache

wordpress caching

WP Fastest Cache It focuses more on caching, along with features that are full and comes with multifunction function. Some plugins are essential, some are advanced, but this plugin comes in the middle level, which WordPress users use this plugin. Just install and leave it activated, and the plugin does its task
Easy setup installation

  • One-click to clear cache and minified CSS and more etc
  • Minify CSS and HTML code
  • Certain URL strings or Set expiration times for all posts/pages block
  • CDN integration operation
  • Set posts/pages to exclude (some like admin area prohibited by default setup)
  • Premium version available with extra features available in this plugin

Cache Enabler

wordpress caching

Cache Enabler, this plugin has been created by a company named KeyCDN. This plugin is lightweight and is also easy to install. These plugins come with some features like Cache expiry time, minification setup, etc. If you get content delivery network service, (CDN) to use, you can quickly put it
Simple setup

  • One-click to clear cache tools
  • Minification feature tools
  • Set post ID’s to exclude from cache tools
  • Set expiration times features
  • Fixed cache behavior features (e.g., making after new posts)

WP Super Cache

wordpress caching

WP Super Cache plugin is a viral and trendy WordPress caching plugin in caching. When it comes to the download of this plugin, it has been downloaded in millions. It is a very advanced feature plugin that is used on the WordPress website.

  • Cache preload support
  • CDN support Integration
  • Supporting for multiple caching tools types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy)
  • Serve static HTML files and more

W3 Total Cache

wordpress caching

This is a WordPress plugin that is used maximum for caching. It is quite popular and trendy. In today’s WordPress website, when it comes to its features, CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, Compresses, and CDN support as well as Cloudflare support. And it is user-friendly. WordPress is available free and premium to the user.

  • CDN Support tools
  • Browser caching options
  • Database caching options
  • Object caching tools
  • And lots more features

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